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Boat Insurance

The folks at TWIA Insurance Agency are locals.  Being your friends and neighbors means we understand the priority that comes with all things relating to activities on the water.  Whether it's a day on the lake or river, boating is part of your lifestyle. It doesn’t just take you out – it takes you away. Your cares vanish, and it’s just good times with friends and family. If you boat for any amount of time, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Of course, something that brings you that much enjoyment doesn’t come cheap. It’s an investment – and one that needs protecting, along with the lives and health of all aboard. TWIA Insurance Agency will help you enjoy your time on the water without worrying about what could go wrong. We will tailor a boat insurance policy to your unique needs. Considerations include:

Boat Insurance: Medical Payments Coverage

TWIA Insurance Agency offers medical coverage for eligible medical expenses if you are hurt while on the water.

Boat Insurance: Physical Damage Coverage

Optional that typically takes care of your boat, motor, and trailer. How much physical damage coverage do you need? TWIA Insurance agents will help you figure that out, as well as decide on a deductible for your policy.

Boat Insurance: Liability Coverage

If you have a boating accident, there is often another person or watercraft involved. If YOU are at fault, you'll need liability coverage. Your TWIA Insurance agent will help you decide between a lot of liability coverage, and a little. You’ll find out what coverage and limits may be available and how to get the maximum personalized protection you need so you make a smart coverage choice.

Whether you're putting in for the first time, or you have barnacles on your hull, it's always a good idea to take a close look at your new or existing boat policy. In South Carolina, the name to know in boat coverage is TWIA Insurance Agency.  We can review your current coverage and provide a new quote, we can help. Contact us today!